React Tutorial and Projects Course


Step by Step Learn React.js and Create Interesting Projects. Download React Tutorial and Projects Course now.

React Tutorial and Projects Course

Description of React Tutorial and Projects Course

React was released by Facebook’s web development team in 2013 as a view library. React is one of the best choices for building modern web applications.

React has a slim API, a robust and evolving ecosystem, and a great community. In this React Tutorial and Projects course, we will be learning React by creating various projects. If you want to learn more than just the same old tutorial and instead create interesting projects using React.js this course is for you.

All Project Intros are available for preview.

Project Nr 1 – Person List Project

Project Nr 2 – City Tours Project

Project Nr 3 – React To Do Project

Project Nr 4 – Beachwalk Resort Project

Project Nr 5 – Tech Store E-commerce Project


Project Nr 6 – Budget Calculator Project

Project Nr 7 – CocktailDB API Project

Project Nr 8 – Vintage Tech Project


Project Nr 9 – Counter/Tutorial Project

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn React

What you’ll learn

  • Make Great Projects Using React


  • Strong Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS is Required. ES6 is optional.

Some Reviews

This React Tutorial and Projects course is good for learn build a project with Context and Hooks. John covered most of new technologies.

More importantly, John response to all my questions quickly.

Yes! This course is very good . This course provide us various projects to learn all the basics concept of React.I also got the solution of my questions very easily.

Thanks You

It was an excellent, intense and rigorous. Felt the latter project was a bit rushed, but I still gained a lot. Thanks John

It’s good. Very clear instructions & interesting projects. The only thing I would change is put section 17: JavaScript and ES6 at the beginning. It would make understanding the concepts a lot easier. It seems like in the projects he expected you to already know all about ES6 so having that section move up would be really beneficial.

I’ve learned much from this instructor, and have used his other courses such as the HTML/CSS Projects course and JavaScript and rebuilt many of the things in his classes from scratch to solidify learning. This React Tutorial and Projects course is just as good for someone that has experience using JavaScript, which can be gained from his course and of course using the docs.

Though people may complain that he hasn’t gone into every little detail, well, guess what that’s impossible and that’s what docs are for which is what I’m using while taking this course side by side. Who would’ve thought Jon Snow’s side gig was coding.

I am new to react and this course really helps me understand it.. although, I’m still need very confident in creating a project of my own but I am sure that after the end of this React Tutorial and Projects course I will be… I was better than I was months back.

There is basic theory how to do something, then you build a project, then a bit of new things to build a better project, etc… Greate to learn by doing and repetition. For me probably top course on udemy in the art of explaining.

Created by John Smilga
Last updated 5/2020
Audio: English
Caption: English [Auto-generated]

Size: 22.23 GB

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